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I really love Tumblr on the whole, but there are days when it makes me want to laugh hysterically and light myself on fire at exactly the same time. Turns out, today is one of those days. Right now there's this whole pocket of Tolkien purists who are determined to stop the movie fangirls from shipping things they don't like with condescending lectures on elf sexuality and incest taboos in Middle Earth, or whatever. Which, no thanks.

First of all, your in-depth knowledge of canon minutia doesn't really impress me, because I'm a pretty dedicated Tolkien nerd myself. I've read the books numerous times, including footnotes and appendices, as well as Unfinished Tales and all the 'notes' volumes Christopher Tolkien published. I've also got a Tolkien bestiary, a book of songs, about five Middle Earth encyclopedias, and a English to Khuzdul dictionary. I can read and write 'Hobbit' runes as easily as English. But I'm also aware that canon and fanon are two separate things, that book and movie 'verses don't always overlap just right, and that fandom is its own space where I'm allowed to ship what I want.


Snowflake Challenge, Day 13

In your own space, ask for recs. Something as simple as "I like XYZ (where XYZ is a kink, a pairing, a trope, etc) - please rec me some."

I've been on a The Hobbit kick recently, so. Let's go with that. I'll probably read just about anything, whether it's book 'verse or movie 'verse, but I particularly like:

- Bilbo/Thorin
- Bilbo/Bofur
- Thorin/Thranduil
- Fíli/Kíli
- Fíli/Kíli/Thorin1

I've discovered I like Thorin/Thranduil best when it's a little angsty and dub-connish, but beyond that I have no real preference in the kink department, mainly because I'm at a point where I'm just happy enough to find smut. A lot of the The Hobbit fics at AO3 cap off in PG13 territory, which I get -- Tolkien's narrative has a certain non-sexual/courtly love feel to it -- but a girl cannot survive on cuddling fics alone.

1My only regret is there aren't more Durins for me to ship together.


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