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I keep telling myself I'm done with the GoT Kink Meme, but I also keep finding prompts that demand my attention. Like this Robb/Theon tattoo!kink prompt that has been haunting my sleep. I want this fic in my life. Badly. At this point, I think I haven't written it because I don't trust my own brain. Instead of shameless inkporn, I'd probably end up with something along the lines of my 4,000 word fill with not too much steamy porn but a lot of pining, fapping, and creepy internal monologues about possession (I'm looking at you, Robb); let me show you it.

Speaking of Game of Thrones, [livejournal.com profile] workswithwords is hosting a Robert's Rebellion comment ficathon, for all your pre-canon character/shipping needs. Which, yes. As much as I love reading and writing about the younger characters, there is also a gaping hole in my life where all the Ned/Catelyn first time/early marriage/curtain fic should be.

Also, sign-ups for the next [livejournal.com profile] got_exchange are open until next Sunday. I'm slowly bullying [personal profile] themostepotente into doing it.

As far as the Game of Thrones tv show goes, season two starts tonight, and I'm still... divided. I'm upset that I won't be able to watch it as it airs, because season one was amazing, but at the same time, I'm kind of relieved that I can put off watching Theon destroy my soul for another year. I was telling [personal profile] themostepotente on the phone last night1 that I recently looked at some screencaps from the season two trailers and featurettes, and there was one that nearly killed me, because it pinpointed the exact moment when the tv!fandom will turn on Theon like a pack of cannibals.

I finally got my [personal profile] hp_beholder fic sorted, two days after the deadline. I now need to worry about [livejournal.com profile] springtime_gen and Remix.

The last two years I did remix, I ended up with a finished product I actually liked, but I had a really hard time getting there. This time, my Remix fic is practically writing itself, which is awesome, because I'm pretty sure my [livejournal.com profile] springtime_gen fic wants me to die in a fire. Which is weird, because my assignment is more or less exactly what I asked for.

[livejournal.com profile] frontbits is coming over shortly. I do hope she brings tacos.

1 I probably should have some kind of macro/keyboard shortcut for this phrase, at this point.

recs post!

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012 09:32 pm
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Beautiful fanart I have looked at today, part 876987689609:

(Once again, all distressingly work safe)

Harry Potter

Lestrange by [personal profile] amarantbus [Bellatrix]

Best Person in the World by [personal profile] chashirskiy [Ron/Hermione]

James and Lily by [personal profile] adorelulu [James/Lily]

The Win by [personal profile] viria13 [James/Lily]

Look at Me by [personal profile] nami86 [Snape, Lily, Harry]

Hunger Games

Good and Safe by [personal profile] whatever_lu [Katniss, Rue]

Katniss by [personal profile] raviolillama [Katniss]

A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones1

Lannister Gold by [personal profile] arkoniel [Jaime/Cersei]

Rhaegar and Lyanna by [personal profile] arkoniel [Rhaegar/Lyanna]

Lyanna Stark by [personal profile] riavel [Lyanna]

Robb Stark by [personal profile] thephoenixprod [Robb]

King in the North by [personal profile] riavel [Robb]

Beyond the Wall by [personal profile] evolvana [Jon, Ghost]

Ygritte by [personal profile] lilyhbp [Ygritte]

Ygritte by [personal profile] riavel [Ygritte]

Jon + Ygritte by [personal profile] monizc [Jon/Ygritte]

You Know Nothing, Jon Snow by [personal profile] marinelli [Jon/Ygritte]

My ASoiaF shipping tendencies are really in display in this one -- Jaime/Cersei and Rhaegar/Lyanna are probably in my top five. As far as Jon goes, I ship Jon/Robb pretty hard, and I also like Jon/Sam2, but I love, love, love Jon/Ygritte. She was probably one of my favorite characters in ASoS, and by the time that book was over, I desperately wanted to read/write an AU where they went looking for Grendel's children instead of leaving that cave.

cut for more A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones waffle, complete with Jon Snow meaderings, totally batshit Targaryen theorizing, and also some potentially spoilerish stuff for A Dance with Dragons )

1 I stole the first two from [personal profile] themostepotente, but they are so utterly gorgeous I figured they deserved a second look.
2 I really think I'm a Fandom of One with this pairing, but I don't care. My love for these two is pure.
3 Ironic, I guess, since his grandmother was a Targaryen.

take it off.

Monday, March 12th, 2012 03:00 pm
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This post on Pete Wentz's blog pretty much sums up my life for the last week. I quit my job last Sunday1, and since then I cannot be persuaded to leave the house with a cattleprod. What's that, we need groceries? Call Pink Dot. Son needs a ride home from the mall? Take the bus. Friends are going to the movies? I'll wait for the DVD.

Since I have you here, allow me to recommend some things I read/looked at this morning:

A Trinket, A Trifle by [personal profile] thistlerose. [Hunger Games; Effie Trinket, Mrs. Everdeen, gen]

This is very well done. It nicely explores one of my pet theories about Effie -- that over the years, she eventually began to realize that the Games were wrong on some level, maybe because losing her tributes every year started to wear her down, but she chose not to examine it too closely, because it was easier that way, because she was from the Capitol and so much of her daily life was tied up in the Games.

This also manages to make Mrs. Everdeen slightly sympathetic, something I'd never thought I'd say in a million years.

Denude by [personal profile] faithwood. [Harry Potter; Harry/Draco, adult]

Everything about this is delightful -- the atmosphere, the imagery, the different things and ideas that turn Harry on, the whole idea that their mutual obsession is a naked, obvious thing reaching an inevitable conclusion.

Also, smoking hot.


And now for some art -- all Harry Potter, and all distressingly work safe.

Concealed by [personal profile] achen089. [Sirius]

This House is Not a Home by [personal profile] viria13 [Sirius]

Lupin by [personal profile] ullakko. [Remus]

The Marauders by [personal profile] jackpot-84 [Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, Prongs]

Spinner's End by [personal profile] ullakko. [Snape, Bellatrix, Narcissa]

I also found this gorgeous piece of Harry/Draco art on the fuckyeah-harrypotterfanart Tumblr, but I can't figure out who drew it because of reblog drift. Alas. [ETA:] [personal profile] faithwood to the rescue! It's an older piece by [livejournal.com profile] reallycorking -- which, yeah. I should've know, based on how pretty it is.


So, my [personal profile] hp_beholder fic hates me like I murdered its mother in cold blood.

cut at the dotted line )

Speaking of the Hunger Games, where is all the Haymitch/Effie fic? Seriously. I'd read the hell out of that.

I was telling [personal profile] themostepotente on the phone last night that I'd also read the hell out of some Robert Baratheon/Ned Stark, set right after Robert wins the Iron Throne, and Robert is all loud and enthusiastic about it, and Ned really is kind of into it, but admitting that wouldn't be honorable, or whatever, so on the inside he's like oh fuck, yes Robert, harder, but on the outside he's all *sigh* whatever pleases you, My Grace.

1 It's a ridiculous, super tl;dr story. Suffice to say I did everyone involved a favor, including myself.

weep little lion man.

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 03:00 pm
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So, I was flipping through parts of Prisoner of Azkaban earlier, and I suddenly remembered that it has always kind of bothered me that Remus... forgot to take the Wolfsbane potion that night. Granted, it was a pretty crowded evening. Remus was in the middle of having a large chunk of his world-view turned inside out, what with presumed!dead!Peter not really being dead, and escaped!murderer!Sirius actually being innocent. I also accept that Remus transforming precisely when he did was a narrative diversion -- Peter needed a means to escape, otherwise that entire plot arc would've gone very differently -- and that book!Remus probably didn't feel every twist and shift of the moon cycle in his bones the way fanon!Remus does1, but still. Werewolf. Full moon. You'd think he would've noted it on his calendar, or something.

I don't know why I'm thinking about this right now. I'm working on outlines for two different fest fics, and neither of them have anything to do with Remus.


Good lord, Tumblr is a timesuck. If I stuck to just checking my dash, it would be one thing, but the I start spasmodically clicking tags, and then I end up losing whole hours of my life.

I'm trying to decide if I want to take a nap or watch the second half of The Fellowship of the Ring. I watched the first half last night, and by the time my DVD player asked for the second disc it was almost midnight, and I had to be up early. Oh, Frodo. I'm pretty sure you and Sam are still my favorite OTP.

Two or three days ago, I was on the phone with [personal profile] themostepotente, and we were talking about ASoIaF, mainly about how much we both ship Littlefinger/Sansa, and from there we drifted into favorite OTPs, and I said mine was either Frodo/Sam or Merry/Pippin. I asked her about hers, but then I was like 'never mind, it's probably some dead elves from the Silmarillion', and we lost twenty or thirty minutes talking about Orcslash and the sons of Fëanor while we tried to remember the name of the sword Maeglin stole from Eöl2, and at some point I started laughing hysterically, because we were seriously having the geekiest conversation in the history of geeky conversations.

1 I'm terribly guilty of this one myself, so. I'm not casting any stones, or anything.
2 Anguriel, as it turns out. Sigh.
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Day 6

Rec at least three fanworks you thought you wouldn't like but did.

Exorcism by [personal profile] cluegirl [Harry Potter; Harry/Ron, adult]

I wasn't into Harry/Ron for a long time, mainly because the little bit I'd read was overly fluffy, and extreme fluff doesn't agree with my digestion.

Anyway, this fic. I started reading it accidentally. No, really. It was a thousand years ago, so I don't know exactly how it happened -- either it was mistagged on a newsletter/recs post, or I just can't read. However it went down, I didn't realize it was Harry/Ron until I was already five or six paragraphs in, and by that point, I was already sold.

I'm so glad I kept reading it, because it's flawless.

Nightblooming Heartsease by [personal profile] julad [Harry Potter; Neville/Snape, adult]

So, yeah. Snape/Neville is one of those pairings that just doesn't do it for me. Most of the time, anyway. With that in mind, I had no intention of reading this, even though I'd heard really wonderful things about it.

I eventually caved, though, because it's a prequel to Transfigurations, and my love for that fic cannot be textually rendered. I'm really glad I did cave, because it's brilliant.

A God Amongst Men by [personal profile] floweringjudas [Harry Potter; James/Remus, adult]

I saw this recced in a few places when it was first posted, and I was pretty excited about it, because James/Remus is always in short supply. However, a couple people told me flat out that I wouldn't like it, given my usual fic preferences and my unholy love for James Potter. The Marauders are not a happy family here -- a premise I actually like from time to time, provided it's done well -- and the characterization of James is fairly brutal. In short, he's a complete ass.

Eventually, I just couldn't help myself. Like I said, I do occasionally like fics where the Marauders are not really BFFs. This is really, really well done. Particularly the way it includes Lily and Sirius, and the events of the first war.

Truck Driving with the Dead by [personal profile] kennahijja [Harry Potter; Ron, gen]

Second-person POV is usually a deal-breaker for me. I just can't handle it. I'm not sure what the problem is, exactly -- I just don't enjoy it. Maybe my brain doesn't work that way. If I do sit down and read a fic written in second-person, usually what happens is about three paragraphs in I start trying to transpose it into third-person in my head just so I can understand what's going on, and I end up with a headache.

Several people told me I should read it anyway. Turns out, they were totally right. It is beautifully done.

The Way We Live Now by [personal profile] kabeyk [Harry Potter; Draco/Remus/Snape, adult]

My initial issue here was the pairing.

I mean, the idea of Remus/Draco interests me strangely1, but I'm not all that big on Remus/Snape or Draco/Snape, and I didn't think the mixed bag approach would work out any better for me. However, I've always liked [personal profile] kabeyk's writing, and this fic has werewolf!Draco2. Believe me, werewolf!Draco was enough to tip the scales.

And I totally loved it. It's clever and hot and Snape is fantastic.

1 Don't lie. Now that I've mentioned it, it interests you strangely, too.
2 So does this.
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Here, have some reading material.

- Sleeping in the Devil’s Bed, by anon. Sirius/Narcissa, NC-17

My love for this fic cannot be textually rendered. The porn is smoking hot, but that's not even the point. It's a bonus. This has a very honest and clever Narcissa POV, and Sirius is just briliiant -- reckless, cavalier, brash, foul-mouthed, and overtly sexual even in mundane situations. This also gets extra credit for an awesome Remus cameo, and also mention of Sirius' flying motorbike, something I feel is sorely neglected.

- Good Will, by [personal profile] so_jayded. Remus/Sirius, PG-13

This is very cute. It's a Remus/Sirius story, but it's really about James, and how he figures out Remus and Sirius are together long before anyone tells him. I have a lot of crazy personal canon about the Marauders (you're all shocked, I know), but one thing I really, honestly believe about them is that a lot of things went without saying, because it didn't need to be said, because they knew each other so well and loved each other so much that they really could communicate and read each other with just gestures and smiles and quirked eyebrows.

Yes, even Peter.

Speaking of Peter, [personal profile] snegurochka_lee and [personal profile] fluffyllama are both trying to trick me into writing Peter Pettigrew fic. Sigh. I'm not necessarily apposed to the idea, I just don't have time right now. I have a couple things I want to write for [personal profile] fandom_stocking, and I'm considering writing some smut for the [personal profile] rs_small_gifts bonus round, and I also have an American Gods fic 1 simmering in the back of my brain, so.

And I'm probably not going to tackle any of that tonight. I had a terrible, terrible day at work, and my feet hurt, and I'm pretty sure that the only thing in my immediate future is a large glass of gin and a long nap.

1 This one is [personal profile] gehayi's fault, even though she probably doesn't realize it, and if I actually do end up writing it, I will totally blame her in the headers.


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